Why “Delicious Art grains”

“Delicious Art grains”
is a brand name for packaged cereals and oil.
The brand was introduced by sole trader (ET) “Orhidea 505” in 2013.
The aim of the company is to oer quality products at an aordable price,
allowing each customer to commit himself to the charity initiatives under
the patronage of “Delicious Art grains”.
Five percent of the value of each package is contributed to support cultural and
educational initiatives for children, foreign and domestic artistic expressions.
Annualy „Delicious Art grains“ organizes the workshops: „Wharf“,
„Women workshop – Orchid“, „Knight workshop“, „Paraplener“ and „Rhodope tale“
with the participation of some of the most prominent domestic and foreign artists.
With those initiatives the company strives
to support and enrich the artistic life in Bulgaria.
Broad support from partners and followers is the basis and guarantee for
future successful development.